02 September 2011

Signing Off

As it turns out, it's tough to find time to blog when you have a real job. Everything seemed so much easier when my main responsibility still required limited pant-wearing. I've been absent from this blog quite a bit over the last few months, and I think it's finally time to admit defeat. Law school is over. To be honest, it wasn't bad at all. Now I'm moving on to bigger and better things (or so I'm told). So I guess this is goodbye. Thanks for reading, mom all.

Goodnight, good luck, and enjoy that delicious drug they call Westlaw while you still have it, kids.


Anonymous said...

Sad you're leaving. Yours was my favorite legal blog. Congrats on becoming a real person and thanks for the many laugh out loud moments.

dd said...

thanks & g'luck. we will miss u

Michael said...

Really disappointed you're leaving the 'sphere. Very best of luck for the future! :)

Bose said...

most memorable person!
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Rebekah Chor said...

Your blog made law school a little less horrible. Thanks and good luck.

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